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Let’s work together to understand the important policy decisions affecting the 2024 Elections

The current political environment is in chaos. Many in Congress are bombarding the media with self-serving grandeur rather than performing the duties for which they were elected. There is a general absence of integrity, morality, respect, values, and ownership for mistakes. The Halls of Congress have become a Playground of Partisanship rather than common sense, negotiating, and working together to solve the issues of this Country.

My intent for this campaign is not to support one Political Party over the other or to endorse a specific Political Candidate for the 2024 Election. The purpose is to provide a forum for The People to share ideas, ask questions and facilitate debate to identify solutions to issues currently facing this Country and then define Policy Statements for each issue. There are so many great ideas for solutions but it seems these are getting lost in the theatrics of the political machine.

The latest Gallup Polls indicate that 41% of citizens no longer identify with either the Republican Party or Democratic Party. As the image below shows, citizens are declaring independence from the two major political parties in favor of a blend of great ideas that can unite this Country.

It is not my intent to form a new Political Party based on the statistics from the poll above. I am only identifying the fact that The People of this Country are tired of the partisan bickering that currently exists in Congress. It is time for the 41% to raise their voices – speak out – and unite together to become the catalyst of change for Congress to do their job.

We will not agree on the complete wording of each policy statement. That is not the focus of this campaign. The objective is to help us all become educated so political dialogues can occur without emotional tension, blaming, name-calling, bigotry, and hate. The vision is to be informed with facts for each of the policies important to you so you can match your values with the best candidate running for office.

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