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About Us

My Campaign for President

Imagine being able to campaign for the office of United States President. What would be your political policies? Could you articulate those policies to others?

Clarification regarding my campaign for U.S. President. I will not be filing an application with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for officially running as a candidate – this is not a real campaign. There will be NO request to donate, NO t-shirts, hats, or coffee mugs to purchase. I will have NO Political Action Committees (PAC) or Super PACs supporting this website or any funding of this campaign.

I am asking that you forward this website to your list of friends, groups, and other social media circles in order to get more people involved with this campaign which will enable a greater diversity of viewpoints for solutions.

The intent of this campaign website is to help all citizens become informed and prepared to vote in the 2024 Election.

  • The First Goal is to encourage education of the important issues facing our Country in order to have respectful conversations with others.
  • The Second Goal is to have these conversations based on facts rather than emotions, finger pointing, name calling, and bigotry.
  • The Third Goal is to have more of the 330 million citizens of this Country involved in the Political process, particularly those in the 41% category of the moderate independents. (click here to review Gallop Poll)
  • The Fourth Goal is to help prepare all citizens meeting the requirements to vote to be prepared and confident in their selection of candidates to represent them.

The values of this campaign

The greatness of American is in the diversity of the people – the citizens. We are a blend of culture, nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, religions, races, and genders. Our roots can be traced to nearly every country in the World. We all are products of immigrant ancestry. The values that enable this greatness include:

  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Diversity
  • Equity
  • Inclusion
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Morality
  • Hope
  • Honesty

Darwin Reed

Guide for Your Political Readiness in 2024

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