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Follow the Campaign on the Journey for Election 2024

The Why of the Campaign

Each year as I engage in the election process I am inundated with candidate emails, postage mailings, social media bursts, and TV/Radio commercials. It seems these “advertisements” provide little in the way of understanding what the candidates actually believe and promote. The candidates are quick to finger-point the competition failings, complain about what the incumbent has not done (making sure there is no recognition of the accomplishments), and engage in baseless and derogatory name calling. The candidates websites provide little in policy statements and direction that would help a voter understand if the candidate aligns with personal values and policy beliefs. The result is many voters arrive at the ballot booth, stare at the names on the ballot, and vote based on media hype rather than candidate qualities.

The 2024 Presidential Election is already filled with nearly two dozen candidates that have filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for the office of United States President. There is so much emotional tension in the political environment. Candidates are willing to sell any story, half-truth, or lie in order to get a group to cheer and to embolden their egos in their quest for the Oval Office. It seems so many citizens of this great Country are simply “following-the-crowd” or the current “media-wave-of-the-day” which often is opposed to the very principles which they claim as their personal values. Many who proclaim the Bible as their guide are justifying replacing their religious foundations with the rhetoric of candidates because of a new found “allegiance to political party” rather than the principles and values that are the Fundamentals of The Constitution which have built this country over the past two and half centuries.

I hold to the hope that within this Country of 330 million citizens there are potential candidates that BOTH have moral values AND principles of democracy. It doesn’t have to be an Either-Or position. To eliminate this Either-Or juxtaposition we face in the current political environment will require all eligible citizens to be informed and vote.

We have accepted the only citizens that can run for any elected office are those who are wealthy – the Top 1%. These are people who have investments to fund their own campaigns. In addition to their own wealth they engage in circles of like-minded associates who also have wealth or connections to wealth. Candidates today require Political Action Committees (PACs) or Super PACs that hold huge coffers of money to donate to the campaign of the candidate. So often these coffers of money come with a price – requiring the candidate to agree to promote specific initiatives of those owning the coffers – the demands of special interest groups.

The realm of politics has evolved into life-time careers for those in Congress. Once in this life-time career mindset, politicians are catered to unique health insurance, unique limits of law, extravagant lifestyles, quid-pro-quo agreements, and deals that are self-promoting.

The How of the Campaign

The political environment requires a mind-shift.


Every citizen eligible to vote needs to get involved with the election process. We can no longer set on the sidelines and delegate our responsibilities for voting to family members and neighbors. This does not mean having someone else actually vote for you. It is referring to neglecting your vote and instead deferring to another whom seems to belief as you do so you will let them cast the vote.

Many citizens who choose not to participate in the election process do so for many reasons:

  1. they don’t know where to find resources to become educated
  2. they have lost trust in the political process and choose to not get involved
  3. they feel inadequate to articulate their beliefs to others
  4. they are afraid of being ridiculed for beliefs that seems contrary to the status-quo
  5. they have participated in previous elections but do not feel their vote changed any policy
  6. they don’t know how to register to vote
  7. they don’t feel any of the candidates are worth electing so why take the time to vote
  8. (add your own)

Now is the time to get involved at wherever level of effort and time you can arrange. Contact your current elected officials. Contact candidates running for U.S. President in 2024 to left them know how you feel about important issues. Attend campaign rallies and speeches. Become informed.

This campaign will provide a safe place to share ideas, get prepared, and participate in the voting process.

Focus on Policy Statements

The candidates are spending countless hours and dollars attending speaking events, traveling across key States with early voting schedules, holding local and national Town Hall media blitzes, and releasing video after video of shaking hands and holding babies.

The questions you should ask yourself are:

  • Can you identify the candidates personal values and policy statements?
  • Are these policy statements clearly documented? If so, where?
  • Do you understand how the policies could impact you and your family?
  • How do the policy statements align with The Constitution and Bill of Rights?
  • Have you created your own policy statements in order to share your beliefs with others during political conversations?

This campaign will define Policy Statements based on input from The People. The Policy Statement main page currently has sixteen foundational policies identified. Each of these policy statements will be created and refined over the next six months with input from each of you. It is understood that unanimous agreement will not be reached on all policy components.

Institutionalize Respect in the Process

We are a diverse country comprised of people with infinite backgrounds, cultures, and ideals. Our country is founded on immigrants from nearly every country in the world. It is that collection of beliefs which makes this Country great. It is Unity in our Diversity. Let us find spheres of commonality. Let us focus on principles that can unite. Let us reach compromise on the principles of:

  1. openly listening to others viewpoints,
  2. experience introspection as to how important the statement is to you,
  3. articulate what could be lost in a failed compromise,
  4. rather than reject – offer alternatives,
  5. draw a mental line but be willing to sacrifice,
  6. remove the emotional volatility and graduate to a “middle ground”, and
  7. remain professional no matter the end result.

The What of the Campaign

We know the WHY and the HOW of the campaign. The WHAT is the results of the vision and the process. When the first caucuses and primary elections occur in February 2024 we will have eager, well-informed, confident, and participatory voters involved and casting their votes.

Follow along as each of the Policy Statements take form. Use these Policy Statements to define your own opinions and principles as you align with candidates. And take time to provide your thoughts of the Policy Statements using the “Contact Us” page by calling, emailing, or using the online form to submit our ideas.

There will be NO request to donate.

There will be NO t-shirts, hats, or coffee mugs to purchase.

There will be NO Political Action Committees (PAC) or Super PACs supporting this website or any funding of this campaign.

I am asking that you forward this website to your list of friends, groups, and other social media circles in order to get more people involved with this campaign which will enable a greater diversity of viewpoints for solutions.

The intent of this campaign website is to help all citizens become informed and prepared to vote in the 2024 Election.

Let’s work together!

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