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Dysfunctional Politics – Americans are the Victims

Politics in Crisis

American government is in a state of chaos. Elected politicians of both major political parties (i.e. Democrat and Republican), and at all levels of government, are acting as college fraternity houses rather than a ‘House of Congress’. Tactics are being deployed to prevent beneficial laws from being enacted because it would bring positive attention to the opposing party. Meanwhile American citizens are now the victims in this crisis of current dysfunctional politics.

The definition of ‘politics’ and ‘crisis’ in the context of this political prose is established by the Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Our Founding Fathers had great hopes for this Country. Gratefully, they were able to envision a time when this country may fall into dysfunction so they painstakingly, and with great personal sacrifice, documented and agreed to a form of government where the People could be self-governed.

Today many Politicians pursue their self-centered antics, collect a salary, and receive superior healthcare all while the American people are languishing in the day-to-day struggles to keep families together. There is a small percentage of elected politicians on the far-right and far-left that are more interested in the creation of sensational social media posts that can give them the most “likes” or “tweets” and consume wasteful media time. These extremist politicians use their venues to promote bigotry, hate, bullying, division, and violence with the goal to convince the American people that everybody thinks like they do – nothing could be further from the truth.

I have never pandered to the bullying tactics of others. Perhaps it was because as a third grader in elementary school I was the victim of bullying by older boys. On several occasions, following a rain storm, a group of three boys thought it funny to push me into a mud puddle that formed in the depression under the swing. The result was a trip to the school office to change into dry clothes from some random donation which never fit properly. Several years later I was reminded of this experience when I learned that these three young men had been killed in a tragic accident that claim their lives while still teenagers.

This dysfunctional political climate needs to change. We can not continue to let these extremist politicians govern this great country. Your vote is important in the Election 2024. You can make a difference!

The Republican Party is Imploding

Full disclosure: I have been a registered member of the Republican Party since I began voting nearly forty years ago. However, given the comedic actions which my political party has degenerated to over the past eight years I am questioning the policy statements and party platform principles (if they even exist today) that govern the party.

There was a time when the Democratic Party was inundated with outspoken elected officials making sensational statements and accusations. It seemed a day would not pass without some ridiculous political stunt taking place from some politicians of the far-left Democratic Party. Those were days when the characterization of the Republican Party as the “Grand Old Party (GOP)” had real meaning. However, over the past eight years a new brand of Republican officials entered the sacred Halls of Congress. It seems the Republican Party has relegated themselves to the anti-woke, anti-democratic, and anti-freedom platform. These are the same elected officials who ran on a campaign of Christian beliefs yet today seem to cast off all religious principles. People can accept others who have differing views without justifying their positions. People should demonstrate cognitive, emotional, and compassionate empathy. A person can be tolerant of another person’s views without having to condone those views.

Isn’t this the true Christian narrative? This doesn’t mean you have relinquished your values to the other person’s belief system, but it does mean you treat them as you would want to be treated. The Christian motto which children can recite but has become a bygone to those elected to political office is: “Do undo others as you would have others do unto you.” Unfortunately it seems this new brand of Republican officials would rather promote a hateful agenda of White Christian Nationalism than instill true Christian values.

This new brand of Republicans have disguised themselves as caring for the American people. However, over the past few years it has become apparent that they don’t care about: 1) the American people, 2) the sacred duty for which they have been elected, 3) the foundational documents that have defined this great country for centuries, or 4) the institution of law. Instead they relish in their egos and flirt with the boundaries of incivility. They have bequeathed themselves by many names forming coalitions within the greater Republican Party in attempt to overthrow the process of legislation. This group of far-right politicians have conjectured that by using methods of bullying, hate, division, christian nationalism, racism, antisemitism, fraud, lies, half-truth sensationalism, bribery, collusion, intimidation, name-calling, and bigotry they can control the Halls of Congress and the minds of the American people.

These far-right extremists have pandered to a small percentage of the American population with sensational slogans that have beguiled these citizens into their base of followers. To further alienate themselves from the formidable Republican ideologies they assigned the name “RINO – Republicans In Name Only” to conservatives of the Grand Old Party. These RINOs, like myself, are the last hope for maintaining democracy in this country and we hold the title proudly.

The Election 2024 is going to be a critical time for all American voters. There are many elected politicians in both the Republican and Democratic parties that should not be re-elected. Even our choices for President of the United States is disheartening. There are 350 million people in the United States. Are we confined to accept the current presidential candidates for both the Democratic and Republican parties as the best alternatives we have? I personally can not vote for either of the two leading presidential candidates of these parties. The question comes down to who will inflict the worst damage over the next four years. As a proud RINO, and given the current leading presidential candidates, I will first vote Democrat before I vote Republican. This decision is not made lightly for many RINOs. The basis for our decision is the following:

  • a vote for Democrat means we can undo any absurd policies and executive orders implemented over the next four years when we elect a new generation of leaders,
  • during a second Democrat administration the Constitution and formidable institutions remain intact,
  • a vote for Republican means the Constitution and foundational principles of government organization are jeopardized,
  • a vote for Republican means the country continues to be divided
  • a vote for Republican means extremist organizations become the DE-facto governing bodies,
  • a vote for Republican means we get authoritarianism, dictatorship, and a call for vengeance to those that oppose their direction.

Bullying, hate, division, christian nationalism, racism, antisemitism, fraud, lies, half-truth sensationalism, bribery, collusion, intimidation, name-calling, and bigotry all continue with the current leading presidential candidate in the Republican party. These actions infiltrate the very being of people which then takes generations to change. Be careful how you cast your vote.

The Hypocrisy of Politics

The comedy show presented by this small band of far-right extremists should be nominated for an Emmy award. The best play-writes could not have developed a better script for what has transpired the past eight years with these Republican extremists. Each time these far-right politicians open their mouths they objurgate themselves and display their ignorance. These Republican extremists condemn actions proposed by the opposing party and then carry out the same approaches with full entertainment of hypocrisy.

Following are some of the theatrics from these Republican extremists:

  • a bipartisan group of politicians have defined policies to enact changes in immigration and prevent massive border crossings; however, the Republicans do not want to proceed with this legislation because it will make the Democrats look good; so Republicans would prefer to allow millions of illegal immigrants to continue to cross the border over the next 10 months and do nothing; Republican theme: “We have a crisis at the Southern border but we can wait until 2025 to fix it.”
  • Republican extremists find more excitement in viewing social media posts that compare a former President to Elvis, tout claims that Taylor Swift really isn’t as popular as the former President, and promote ridiculous NTF cards instead of actually enacting legislation that could make America great again
  • State Republican extremists enacting laws to allow the former President to become a non-resident of their State in order to then redirect all federal cases to the State court and assert trials can be canceled; of all the important policies to support the people of their State, in the current economic circumstances, this is the best those elected officials can do?
  • Republicans spend enormous effort fund raising asking people of disadvantaged economic levels to donate to Super PACs (Political Action Committees) where the money is then redirected to pay millions of dollars in legal fees and lawyer salaries; what about actually using the money to implement legislation or even better help with the crisis at the Southern border
  • Republican extremists are accusing the Fed Chair of trying to improve the economy for the American people; Isn’t that part of the responsibilities of the Fed Chair? Of course Republicans don’t want the economy to improve under the Democratic administration; so again they sing their motto “We have a crisis in the economy but we can wait until 2025 to fix it.”
  • far-right extremists continue to promote hyper-partisan politics; as a result the battle cry is political obstructionism, incivility, tribalism, and declarations of political violence
  • far-right extremists promote ideology of distrust for government institutions; they continue to repeat conspiracy theories which have no truth and they relish the spewing of misinformation to create fear and division
  • Republican State officials make claims for secession; then in the next breath request continued support for infrastructure, free trade, Social Security continuation, etc.; all the big government policies they claim to abhor while being a State in the Union they want to have available as an independent country; you can’t have it both ways
  • election processes are perfectly fine when Republicans win a campaign, however they are quick to declare fraud when they are not the winner, even after years of no evidence of voter fraud that could change the outcome; the egos of these losing candidates is chilling
  • following the New Hampshire election and the statement from former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, that she will stay in the presidential race, the former President responds “… anyone who donates to Haley will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp … We don’t want them.”; at this point in the Republican debacle who wants to be associated with the MAGA camp – only a small base of people
  • a Republican House of Representative gets removed from a family theatrical event because she and boyfriend are sexually fondling each other during the musical
  • several Republican high ranking chairman of legislative committees are demanding Democrats who have been subpoenaed must show up for their deposition date; however, these same officials also received subpoenas from Congress which they have not honored
  • a Republican House of Representative blatantly ignores a Capitol signage which stated “no person permitted above this platform under any circumstances” then engages in “unsafe actions” in the building, including doing pull-ups on railings hundreds of feet above the ground in the Capitol Dome
  • a Republican committee member gets upset with a person the committee is interrogating and jumps up and challenges the person to a fist fight
  • a Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives is running late for an important vote taking place on legislation so he pulls the fire alarm in the Capital Building to prevent the vote
  • State Senators attempt to enact legislation which gives the Republicans the right to reject State election results if the Republicans don’t like the outcome; in essence if you can’t win fairly – win corruptly
  • some State Republican Governors are promoting that far-right extremists (like themselves) should just leave the Republican Party; finally something that makes sense; let them call it the MAGA Party, MAGAverse Party, or whatever you like, but please leave and let the Republicans get back to conducting business
  • Republican campaign chief calls on mega-donors to ignore what the former President and other far-right extremists say at rallies and social media – they just request the donors to keep on giving; do they think the American people are dumb
  • apparently the Republican extremists have mind-bending powers because they can reject a legislative bill even before they actually read the text; what do they do with all their time (wait, don’t answer that as this is a family friendly blog post)
  • Republican officials declare their Christianity then go into diatribes of hate, bigotry, division, and mockery; this is not the Christianity I grew up with or practice today
  • Republicans are now attacking one of the staples of the sports world, the Super Bowl, as being rigged simply because a high profile relationship doesn’t seem to be leaning towards Republican support; probably because the couple gets more “tweets” and “likes” than the Republican candidates
  • a State Republican legislative body is sponsoring a bill to censors their U.S. Senator because the Senator is working together in a bipartisan committee to actually get work done; go figure
  • no matter how many times a Republican official preaches a false narrative it doesn’t make it true – regardless of how many congenial people they can reign in under their scheme of deceit
  • recently a group of Republican extremists formed what they called “God’s Army Convoy” to travel to the Mexican border and protest the illegal immigration; however the number of participants was dismal and of those that did participate a stark understanding was realized – they had been mislead by the organizers under the guise of patriotism but the organizers where only pursuing financial gain

The list of theatrics and unbelievable actions continue to multiple each day. There is so much that needs to be done in the Halls of Congress to help the American people however, it appears the American people are expendable while the political officials are immortal. The Republican platform has become a tirade of chants for “witch-hunt”, “election interference”, “poisoning the blood of this Country”, “rigged election”, “fake news”, “weaponize the government”, “stop the steal”, “J6 patriots are being held hostage”, “please don’t be to nice”, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”, “there has to be retribution”, defund justice”, “when you’re a star, [women] let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the p#$$y. You can do anything”, and so many more…..


Unfortunately, you can’t make this stuff up. It appears the Republican Party behaves as if this is all just a big frat house where anything goes. It is unfortunate that our Congress has become the most privileged nursing home in America where egos are exposed and nothing gets done. We need a new generation of leadership. We must be vigilant in our right to vote and become informed. There are candidates running for office who are openly declaring to take vengeance, to use our U.S. military to invade cities, declaring the right to perform as a dictator, threatening to jeopardize relations with U.S ally countries, parading authority to destroy the constitution, gut the federal government then take control of what is left, and pardon those that attempted to overthrow our constitutional processes of freedom. There is too much at stake in this Election 2024 to sit on the sidelines. Be informed. Vote.

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