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Ignominy of Congress – Time for a New Political Party to Rise

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Congressional State of Affairs: Discord, Bedlam, and Lack of Substance

A historic ineptitude and dysfunction currently plagues our elected politicians. There are no exemptions regarding major political parties. The elected United States Republican and Democrat Representatives and Senators seem to be contending for the congressional podium of the coveted “gold medal of chaos”. Unfortunately this plague doesn’t stop at the Federal level – State and Community officials are in the same rivalry of dysfunction. While our elected officials indulge in their ineptitude, the citizens of this great Country are suspended in bewilderment. The current stigma of our political turmoil has not been experienced since the Civil War. Little of substance has been produced from Congress during the past eight years to help the American people. Rather, the pageantry of ignorance has consumed political agendas:

Ask yourself, when was the last time you heard any substantial policy statements from a member of Congress or in campaign speeches? The MAGA aligned political rally speeches are filled with name-calling, bullying, demoralizing, disowning, hate, racism, vengeance, retribution, and continued attempts to dismantle democracy. All to the cheers of the assembled crowd. The leader of this political party coerces the members of Congress to portray similar rhetoric or be discredited. Is this any way to operate the Congress? Is this any way to define America?

There is a Way Forward: Foundational Principles Forged By History

The chaos in Congress is at a historic level of ineptitude. The current political issues are creating a cacophonous as the very essence of ‘The Constitution‘ is under threat. We can’t keep allowing this to endure. Addressing this dysfunction requires introspection, bipartisan efforts, and a commitment to serve America’s best interests. As conservatives, moderates, and liberals we must collaborate on the transcendent issues of our day. We must acknowledge that although we differ in our perspectives, collectively we can come together to respectfully discuss the issues and use common sense to define solutions. Only then can we break free from this cycle and build a productive, functional, and responsive legislative body.

There is a way forward! The foundational principles that must imbue those who are elected to represent the citizens “We the People” of this great Country include:

These foundational principles are not new! They are the very essence of the elements penned in ‘The Constitution‘ and ‘The Bill of Rights‘ by our Founding Fathers. Political Parties play critical roles in shaping policy-making processes and outcomes and they must be held accountable!

The Imperative for a Dominant Third Political Party

A dominant third political party is not a panacea, but it is a necessary step toward a more representative and effective democracy. The United States’ political landscape has long been dominated by two major parties: the Democrats and the Republicans. However, the limitations of this political duopoly have become increasingly evident as partisanship becomes the mantra in conducting business. A strong third political party is essential to address the shortcomings of egotistical leaders and enhance participatory representation. The American people urgently need a dominant third political party to restore common sense to our sacred governing principles and strengthen the very foundational elements of ‘The Constitution‘. Our current political institution conjures:

A dominate third political party would create a more dynamic landscape to policy-making. Consider the following elements of attainment that can define the way forward for political stability:

It is time to agnise an order of governance that can benefit all of the American people. A governance not controlled by the wealthy donors or political lobbyists. An order of governance for “We the People”. The great awakening is we don’t have to wait for this governance change. The opportunity for a dominant third political party already exists and is defined and prepared to meet the entreaty of the American people.

The Choice for a Third Political Party: No Labels – Unity Party

There is a way forward! The third political party is already in place and prepared to enter the political vista. It is the “No Labels – Unity Party”. Given the current presumptive choices for United States Presidential Candidates, for both the Democrat and Republican parties, a majority of the people are asking for better alternatives. The only hope for selecting an alternative candidate will need to come from a third political party.

The mentation of a third political party is not new. From the implementation of the foundational governance of this Country there have been competing political parties defining the legislative landscape. Some historical, and current, third political parties include:

In addition to the political parties listed above there have been numerous factions within the Democrat and Republican parties that have attempted emergence to a prominent level but have failed to gain any significant support. Only one of these political parties is rising in collective collaboration and among diverse political and demographic populations. This is the ‘No Label – Unity‘ political party! Emerging among the chaos of political implosion is a “unique American moment for Our Nation”. A theme for this new political manifestation of common sense among the majority of Americans is: “We are a national movement of commonsense Americans pushing our leaders together to solve our country’s biggest problems.“ Unlike the existing Democrat and Republican parties the ‘No Label‘ party has a well-defined policy platform. This concise document of direction, collaboration, and actions can be downloaded as a PDF document at the following link: ‘Common Sense Policy Booklet – A Clear Blueprint for American’s Future‘.

Why the ‘No Label – Unity Party‘ and Why Now?

Key principles guiding this political party as defined by the echoing of the America people are the following:

This is your time to get involved! Find your place in political history and raise your voice in collaboration with the majority of Americans that demand action from our politicians. Take time to review the policy statements and foundational principles of the ‘No Label‘ party that enable democracy. Volunteer your time and talents to secure democracy. Spread the discourse of hope.


We live in a time where good ideas are being ignored. People relish in talking about what they find offensive and creating divisiveness rather than cooperating to get work done. The current political chaos can be detrimental to our desire to participate in the Election 2024 voting process. It doesn’t have to be this way. There is a better way! A way forward that can produce results and enable the people of this great Country to once again find hope, tolerance, engagement, and unity. If you can’t seem to find your place in the existing political polarization and dysfunction of elected officials, you do have an alternative voice. A voice of reason, commonsense, and inclusion that generates results. It is the voice of the ‘No Labels – Unity Party movement. Take time to check out the policy booklet and foundational guiding principles. If this seems to be an option for your “political home” then follow along and provide your input to important issues that need immediate attention. Your voice does matter!

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