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Immigration Policy Statement Published – The Journey of Creating a Policy

My Journey to Creating a Policy Statement

I began this campaign journey with excitement for increasing my knowledge of government constitution and policies. The intent was driven by a determination to understand and communicate the foundational government policies currently facing our country as acknowledged by the estimated 41% of U.S. citizens who are moderate Democrats and Republicans or have declared as an Independent. My initial thinking was “How hard can this be? I have eighteen policies and twenty-six weeks to complete. Just one each week. This will be no problem!” Yes, I was naive. I now understand why our current (and growing) number of presidential candidates within the Democrat, Republican, and Independent parties provide little substance to policy issues. It is difficult to determine their position of these topics when they only use short glitzy radio soundbites.

I have spent the past few weeks researching the topic of ‘Immigration and Citizenship’ while discovering endless data analysis for opposing positions. It has been a insightful experience. The most profound realization has been the people! Understanding immigration is about people not just documenting principles, guidelines, and legislative law to govern immigration. It is so easy to get immersed in the data and workmanship of a legislative policy that you soon lose sight of the purpose of the policy – it is about the people.

Another gifted experience occurred on this journey. Once my focus was redirected to the people I found a need for much self-reflection. It took effort to peal back the layers of my bias to reach a point of understanding the people. My unconscious bias was formulated from my first twenty years of life in a small farming community that was populated with migrants. Each Spring planting season and each Fall harvest the migrant population would increase to fill the labor needs in the farming community. These migrants were typically of Latino culture and my interactions with this culture were riddled with misunderstanding and incorrect assumptions and misguided beliefs. Consequently those early images and beliefs became part of my unconscious biases. The journey of writing this Immigration Policy Statement has required me to reshape those bias into a human understanding.

The Structure of the Policy Statement

This is not going to be an easy read! There are seventeen pages of data that is intended to examine the issues of immigration from multiple viewpoints. You can choose to jump to the summary at the bottom or expand your understanding of this important issue by studying the entire document.

The format for each Policy Statement will contain the components of:

– Purpose, Scope, Context, and Importance of the Issue
Discussion Dialogue Summary of Proposed Policy Options
– References Supporting Fact-Based-Decisions
– Recommended Policy Statement

The first sectionPurpose, Scope, Context, and Importance of the Issue‘ is intended to frame the issue by identifying Constitutional authorizations and “statements of direction” from multiple sources of expertise.

The second sectionDiscussion Dialogue Summary of Proposed Policy Options‘ captures debate articles that can challenge your current viewpoints and begin to peel back the layers of potential unconscious biases.

The third sectionReferences Supporting Fact-Based-Decisions‘ is list of key sources of data used to assimilate the thoughts and data used in deriving the policy statement. There are links to these references when available in a digital format.

The fourth sectionRecommended Policy Statement‘ documents the elements of the policy statement. Understand if you choose to just read the last section you risk missing out on the opportunity of self-inflection and discovering new ideas. It is important to understand the “Why” you believe in your political views and be able to articulate those views to others – or simple to yourself. Choosing to study the first and second sections may be a profound experience for your political views.

You can begin my selecting this link:

Your Opportunity to Be Involved

The intent of my campaign as stated on my campaign website is “not to support one Political Party over the other or to endorse a specific Political Candidate for the 2024 Election. The purpose is to provide a forum for The People to share ideas, ask questions and facilitate debate to identify solutions to issues currently facing this Country and then define Policy Statements for each issue. There are so many great ideas for solutions but it seems these are getting lost in the theatrics of the political machine.

The Election 2024 is to important to sit on the sidelines and hope that others will take the lead. It requires each citizen to acquire their position on important issues through discovery, questioning, self-inflection to remove biases, and openness to new ideas.

Each of us has our own unconscious biases which shape our communications and actions. I ask that you be open to discovering your bias as you study this policy statement. Use the information to perform a self-introspection. Then formulate your ideas by listening to multiple viewpoints and identifying a candidate that can help achieve those views.

This is a dynamic document – it can change. I anticipate it will change and encourage you to share your input regarding this policy. Use one of the options on the ‘Contact Us‘ page to provide input and clarity for this policy.

This is the first Policy Statement out of the current list of eighteen. I am open to your suggestions as to the next issue to discover.

Let’s work together!

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