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Introduction to the Campaign

Post Date: June 29, 2023 Darwin Reed: Designer | Author | Publisher

Introduction to the Campaign

We the People” of this great Country of United States of America have arrived at a juncture in the political state of affairs where involvement calls for a priority.

For many the pattern of our past political involvement finds ourselves sitting on the sidelines of the political theater throughout the election cycle. Then with a surge of confidence on Election Day we arrive at the precinct polling location to cast our vote. We endure an uncomfortable pause as we stare at the names on the ballot and attempt to recall the words on the torrent of candidate paper publications and social media posts. Guardedly we make a mark next to a candidate name only to feel the incertitude of not knowing if the candidate aligns with your values and political inclination.

Imagine being able to campaign for the office of United States President. What would be your political policies? Could you articulate those policies to others?

Today I am announcing my campaign for President of the United States.

Okay, some clarification regarding my campaign.

  • I will not be filing an application with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for officially running as a candidate – this is not a real campaign.
  • There will be NO request to donate, NO t-shirts, hats, or coffee mugs to purchase.
  • I will have NO Political Action Committees (PAC) or Super PACs supporting this website or any funding of this campaign.
  • I will not be endorsing any particular Political Party nor specific Presidential Candidate in this campaign.
  • I am asking that you forward this website to your list of friends, groups, and other social media circles in order to get more people involved with this campaign which will enable a greater diversity of viewpoints for solutions.

Goals of the Campaign

The purpose of this campaign is to help all citizens become well informed, confident, and prepared to vote in the 2024 Election.

  • The First Goal is to encourage personal research and education of the important issues facing our Country in order to have respectful political conversations with others.
  • The Second Goal is to have these conversations focused on political statements and solutions based on validated facts: not the emotional-tension, finger pointing, name calling, and bigotry which permeates the environment today.
  • The Third Goal is to have more of the 330 million citizens of this Country involved in the Political process, particularly those in the 41% category of the moderate independents (click here to review Gallop Poll) .
  • The Fourth Goal is to prepare all citizens meeting the requirements to vote to be prepared and confident in their selection of candidates to represent them.

Participate in the Campaign

I invite you to take time and review this campaign at Follow the Blog Posts as we explore important political topics. Study the ‘Political Statements‘ page and provide your input to each of the sixteen important political issues identified. If an issue is missing please take time to send me your input. The Political Statements will be defined in the template format as viewed in the Immigration Policy Statement. Your input will be used to refine the policy.

You can use the “Contact Us” page to leave a voice message, send an email, or use the online form to provide your input.

We will not agree on the complete wording of each policy statement. That is not the focus of this campaign. The objective is to help us all become educated with facts for each of the policies important to you so you can match your values with the best candidate running for office.

Let’s Get Started….

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