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Policy Statements

The following list represents a foundational platform for Government Policy direction. This list is not intended to be finite. I encourage you to review the list and use the ‘Contact Us‘ menu option to begin a dialogue of additional policies to include.

The format for each Policy Statement will contain the components of:

  • – Purpose, Scope, Context, and Importance of the Issue
  • Discussion Dialogue Summary of Proposed Policy Options
  • – References Supporting Fact-Based-Decisions
  • – Recommended Policy Statement

Select the “Immigration” [View Statement] button to see the proposed Policy Statement format. As each policy is addressed a menu option under the “Policy Statement” main menu will be added for easy access as well as a block added on this page.

There are only a few months remaining to become educated on the Policy Statements in order to align your position with the candidates that are running. On January 15, 2024 the Iowa Caucuses will be held to elect their Presidential candidates. The next key primary election will occur on January 23, 2024 when the State of New Hampshire holds their elections. This is followed by the State of South Carolina on February 3, 2024 with several other states closely following. (click here for a Timeline for 2024 Elections)


Policy on Immigration.

  • – Economy and Employment
  • – Foreign Trade Policy
  • – Regulation / De-Regulation
  • – Protecting Rights of all Citizens – Law and Justice
  • – Government Accountability and Reform
  • – National Infrastructure
  • – Education Reform
  • – Homeland Security
  • – National Security and Defense
  • – Land and Agriculture Sustainability
  • – Energy and Environmental Reform
  • – Healthcare Overall
  • – Social Program Renaissance
  • – Veterans Programs Reform
  • – Advancing Diversity: Equality vs Equity
  • (others you recommend….)
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