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Republican Party Not Unified – Independents and RINOs Now Control Outcome of Election 2024

Trump Can Not Win 2024 with only 60 Percent of Republicans

Republicans are not unified! This may surprise many of the “Make America Great Again (MAGA)” loyalists. Revealing more truth – Trump cannot win the 2024 Presidential Election with only sixty percent of the current registered Republicans. No matter how many times Trump will ptyalise nonsense and false information in his failing ‘TruthSocial’ media posts, or during staged political speeches, the Republican Party is fractured. The only reason Trump did not win the 2020 election is because he alienated many voters in the Republican Party through the tactics of name-calling, bullying, demoralizing, disowning, hate, racism, and continued attempts to dismantle democracy!

Trump is once again on the same trajectory to be defeated in Election 2024. The polls indicate the percentage difference between a Biden and Trump rematch is just to close. A recent national poll conducted by ‘Marquette University Law School‘ presented the following results:

(‘New Marquette Law School Poll national , Marquette University, February 22, 2024,

Other national pollsters show similar results with some polls showing Biden with a slight lead. The difference in margins may not seem consequential until applying the metric played out in States across the Country during the Republican Primary Elections. Contrary to delusional Trump allies there is no unity in the Republican Party. A significant population of registered Republicans voters are not aligned with the current MAGA movement. Results from the ‘Super Tuesday – March 5 Primary Elections’ highlight the extent of this Republican fracture:

(NBC News, Decision 2024, Last Update March 6, 2024 6:27 PM (ET) )

Nikki Hailey has received an average of 30% of the Republican votes in the Primary Elections conducted through March 5, 2024. These results take on greater importance when considering several of these states are swing states which could be Democrat leaning. No matter how many times the chirping of “stolen elections” is proclaimed there is no evidence of wide-spread voting fraud. The best summation of this baseless election fraud claim is made by the very individual that the Trump campaign hired to find evidence of fraud –

Any indication of fraud during Election 2020 came from within the Trump Campaign in efforts to inject false electors into the process. This election interference was then exacerbated by insurrection attempts to halt the certification of electors by Congress. If Trump and the MAGA movement have any hopes of winning the Election 2024 presidency they need to dismantle their current authoritarian behaviors and set aside delusion. The Republican MAGA proponents need to welcome diversity and discussion and invite those they have previously cast out to return to the Republican Party. Otherwise they will be liable for giving the General Election 2024 to Biden.

Not this Time: RINOs, Independents, and Never-Trumpers Not Bequeathed to Republican Party

In prior presidential elections, the divisions caused by multiple Republican Primary candidates had a way of melding its differences when the inevitable candidate received the required delegate count. However, over the past eight years the Trump and MAGAverse followers have been institutionalizing a great divide between the Republican Party. The arrogance of these MAGA allies, leaders, and elected officials has now put the Republican Party in extraordinary jeopardy. The foundational members of the “Grand Old Party (GOP)”, those that have not been kneeling at the feet of the “self-imposed Trump God of the Party”, have been ostracized, hated, given despicable names, and told to leave the Republican Party. Well guess what – without the people you have cast out you can not win Election 2024.

The MAGAverse is now in despair as they realize their egregious actions. They have seen the election results and recognize that without the people they have ejected from the Republican Party their great Trumpian-God will not be able to win the presidential election. They are now bellowing with egotistically demands for unity from those that they have removed. It has nothing to do with wanting unity in the Republican Party – it is only about fulfilling the narcissism of Trump and those who coddle him in order to acquire dominance and retribution to all those who do not bow down.

Not This Time!A vote for Trump means advancing the far-right politicians that bathe in methods of bullying, hate, division, christian nationalism, racism, antisemitism, fraud, lies, half-truth sensationalism, bribery, collusion, intimidation, name-calling, and bigotry in attempts to control the Halls of Congress and the minds of the American people. America can rise from the ashes of another Biden term but it can not rise again from a dystopian Trump administration of vengeance, retribution, and destroying our democracy.

The MAGAverse surrounding Trump ought to learn from the past. They need to wake up from political genocide and decide if they prefer to lose it all or make adjustments for inclusion to win this election. Sound advice comes from former President George W. Bush White House adviser, Karl Rove, following the results of ‘Super Tuesday Primary Elections 2024’:

(Fox News, ‘Election2024 Coverage of Super Tuesday, March 5, 2024, )

As of this publication it seems the approach of the MAGAverse is to continue without a path of inclusion. This will be their path to defeat!

Rupture in Foundation of Democracy

There exists in the agendas of many political leaders a loathing for a demise to democracy that has governed our Country for over two centuries. The once hallowed corridors of the ‘United States Capital Building‘ are now littered with self-serving and authoritarian hungry avengers. Be it known, this is not just a far-left radical presence. I fear the greater horror of this destruction is coming from the far-right radically proclaimed “New Republican Leadership”. This effort is no small undertaking. The rupture of the very foundations of our democracy are more than mere cracks but rather a seismic upheaval that threatens the very pillars of society that formed this Country. A poetic description of this assault on democracy is found in the following script:

We are on a cusp of historic importance for Election 2024. Generations that follow in our footsteps will revere the votes cast which resurrected a healing in this nation, or they will despise our choices for chaos and political enslavement that they now must endure.

The recent “Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)” has become a playground of philosophies that jeopardize the very foundations of democracy for which this nation as sacrificed. The pundits that parade across the stage at CPAC are not shy in their attempts to overthrow our democracy. I have spent several hours reading the speeches from the multitude of speakers that spoiled the stage at CPAC. I was hoping to understand the policy statements and political platform that now comprises the Republican Party. Instead, I was submerged by filth, lies, white supremacists philosophies, tactics to overthrow democracy, racism, hatred, calls to save the January 6 “hostages”, and Nazi-style rhetoric. I was unable to find any specifics on policy statements that could be encapsulated into a political party platform. Speaker after speaker extolled themes such as the following:

If you think these statements are taken out of context, or misrepresented, then I invite you to take the time to read the entire speeches. Unfortunately these are not new ideas born from the conception of a few radical extremists. These ideas have been in the hearts of some people from the beginning of time. However, these philosophies are now becoming mainstream in the factions of many of the MAGA Republicans and far-right extremists! For centuries these authoritarian, totalitarian, supremacist philosophies have been adopted by a limited number of people hiding in the shadows. These extremists knew that democracy was heralded by the people of America and that the consummation of freedom could not be broken. Little by little these philosophies have been introduced, on stages such as CPAC, and have rotted the hearts of many people.

I could never image living in a time when a former president of the United States, and now the presumptive candidate for the 2024 presidential election, would openly mock and make derogatory comments about so many people. This includes mocking the current ‘President of the United States‘ – Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. President Biden had a speech impediment as a boy and has worked tirelessly throughout his life to overcome this ailment. He was so successful in his efforts that he rose to the sacred office of President of the United States. Occasionally in speeches you may still hear a word that is difficult for President Biden to speak. Why do I bring this up you ask? Three days following the ‘State of the Union’ address by President Biden on March 7, 2024, Trump held a rally in which he mocked the stuttering of President Biden. Trump said “…Didn’t it bring us together? I’m gonna bring the country tuh-tuh-tuh-together….” And then the people at the rally cheered and laughed. This is not an isolated event. Trump has made it a practice to mock the disabled, veterans, women, and the poor. What has happened to America?

These extremist ideologies do not represent the vast majority of American people, especially those within the Republican Party. The echoing calls by many to change course can be heard from across the American continent from people of all cultures, occupations, and demographics.

It is time to write a different story. A story of hope, tolerance, debate, compromise, unity, freedom, and deliverance.

The Republican Party: An Opportunity to Succeed

There is another way! A path forward that can unify the “Grand Old Party (GOP)” to a place of dominance and respect. A political party with characteristics that resemble the conservative religious values for which the platform once clearly portrayed. It is time for the elected leaders, and those that surround this body of people, to rise up and become the leaders the American people expect. This Country has survived the past two centuries because of the foundational pillars of “Dialogue” and “Civil Discourse”. These are the pillars of our democracy. We must demand this of our elected leadership and we must expect the same of ourselves. Yes, there is another way. A recent statement published by a group of Republican colleagues defines the path forward:

This vision can become our beacon of hope that rises in the hearts of the American people. Begin today to become a disciple of the following principles:

  • Commit to Civility
    (defined by ‘Webster Dictionary’ as: ‘civilized conduct, encompassed by courtesy and politeness, especially in act or expression’);
  • Use the standard of civility to have a conversation with a family member, friend, or neighbor for which you don’t see eye-to-eye;
  • Lisen, ask questions, and identify areas of common ground.

As you engage in these conversations use the following tips from the “Listen First Project (L1stEN)” to guide your experience:


The current trajectory of the Republican Party, and politics in general, is not pointing to a destination where the American people want to live. The chaos that shrouds our hallowed ‘Halls of Congress’ must stop. The outcome will only bring destruction to our democracy. THERE IS A BETTER WAY! A way centered on reverence for law, respect for ‘The Constitution of the United States’, tolerance for all people, openness to learn new ideals, listening and engaging in meaningful conversations, refraining from name-calling, willingness to compromise for the greater good of the people, and mirroring the God-like attributes which religion proclaims. Together we can make this change! It is time to write a different story. A story of hope, tolerance, debate, compromise, unity, freedom, and deliverance.

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